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Welcome to Deception Valley Lodge - Central Kalahari Game Reserve
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Deception Valley Lodge an oasis in the Kalahari of Botswana, a luxury lodge close to the famous Okavango Delta. Experience the Kalahari with Bushman at hand, to share their knowledge, while you can relax in total luxury at this unique destination.

Temp: 12°C to 37°C

Bushman drinking water from a Ostrich Egg that was stored under the ground.

Come to Deception Valley Lodge in the Central Kalahari to experience the tracking and survival skills of the Bushmen people. Let them show you how they gather their food and how successful they are at hunting with their poisoned arrows.
The Bushmen people were the first inhabitants in Southern Africa and have survived for the past 20 000 years in this arid region. 
At the Deception Valley Lodge you will meet the real traditional Bushmen from the Naro tribe.  Listen to the Naro language, the first written Bushmen language that contains 37 different clicks.

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The Kalahari Manor - En Suite Bedroom, in the Central Kalahari




Busmen at Deception Valley Lodge in The Cetral Kalahari

Old San man
Watch movies on You Tube about the Bushmen Culture

Combining your visit of the Kalahari with the well-known area of the Okavango Delta to the north and the famous Victoria Falls would ensure that your safari to Africa would remain a treasured memory.

At Deception Valley Lodge you can experience the vastness of the Kalahari while enjoying some of the most prolific bird life or do some star gazing at night.

When outsiders think of the Kalahari, the image they generally have is the red sands of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. But locals know it as a vast flatland of spectacular thunder-storms, old-fashioned villages, and friendly folk and when the rain comes, blizzards of butterflies.

What makes Deception Valley Lodge unique is the rare opportunity to meet and explore this remarkable environment with bushman Guides of the San peoples, one of the oldest cultures in Africa. Experience a tour with real Bushmen. Exploring the bush on foot, while your guide will teach you of the hunting and survival skills, the culture and crafts of the San people, who over the centuries have adapted their lives to survive in the most inhospitable environment of them all.

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The best ranger experience at Deception Valley Lodge

Our professional guides at Deception Valley Lodge pride themselves in having the best skills and knowledge of the Kalahari Desert. These guides have in excess of 40 years experience of guiding in the Kalahari Desert. These specialised skills include the following:

Tracking animals with Bushmen trackers
Walking safaris and off-road driving
Night Safaris
Animal behaviour
Fauna and Flora
Busmen Experience with your guide as a translator

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